Riding experience Alto Adige celebrates an exceptional year in 2023

This year has been an extraordinary period for the brand, marked by successes, growth, and new opportunities, signalling a new chapter of success after the initial periods of operation influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Throughout 2023, Riding Experience Alto Adige has experienced a year of intense activity and significant growth. Overall, the trend has been extremely positive, surpassing expectations by a wide margin. A lot of international motorcycle enthusiasts participated in our programs, including advanced riding courses and thrilling tours, demonstrating a continuously growing interest in our offerings.

The current season has witnessed a remarkable tripling of the number of rentals and test rides of our BMW motorcycles compared to 2022, indicating a growing and significant interest in the Riding Experience Alto Adige offer. One of the most pleasant surprises has been the extraordinary participation in Offroad courses at the Safety Park in Bolzano, the base of our activities. Participants have shown great enthusiasm in tackling new off-road challenges, highlighting the wide range of experiences offered by the company.

Our commitment to promoting the motorcycle experience has led Riding Experience Alto Adige to participate in numerous prominent fairs and events. These include participation in IMOT in Munich, Tempo Libero in Bolzano, Rider Days in Munich, and BMW Motorrad Days in Berlin. Additionally, we have taken part in events dedicated to electric mobility, such as Green Day and Eco-Dolomites in Bolzano, also offering test rides of BMW's new electric scooter, the CE04.

Beyond interacting with enthusiasts, Riding Experience Alto Adige is proud to collaborate with prestigious B2B companies, allowing them to test their prototypes and products on the tracks of the Safety Park Alto Adige. Among the companies involved in these projects are Fantic Motor, Hero Tech Center, and KTM.

Not only testing but also incentive events and significant partnerships have characterized our B2B section. One notable partnership is with Motorrad Action Team, a motorcycle section of Motorpresse Stuttgart, enriching our network with successful collaborations.

Frank Fichtner – CEO of the brand states, "We are gearing up for an even more promising future, with the aim of continuing to offer unforgettable riding experiences, high-level collaborations, and quality services to our customers, solidifying our position as a leader in the industry."


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