Enjoy your ride
Enjoy your ride

Hairpin bend training

Cornering made easy. Do you feel unsafe when riding in hairpin bends or would you like to improve your riding technique?

Whether touring rider or chopper rider - during the one-day hairpin bend training, we focus on developing a safe riding feel for winding routes.
In a small group of like-minded people, this training offers the opportunity to learn and intensify the basics of cornering technique.

The day begins with technique training at the driving center Safety Park Alto Adige. These exercises serve to learn and consolidate the basic skills. The focus here is on the optimal gaze technique, the correct sitting position and various leaning techniques. Certified instructors will give you individual feedback and help you to refine your techniques. After that we ride to suitable hairpin bends where cornering is practiced intensively. Here we have the opportunity to consolidate what we have learned on real road conditions and practise safe riding in tight bends.

Hairpin bend training

hairpin bend training

Training content:

  • Optimization of cornering technique
  • Developing an active riding position
  • Learning the correct gaze technique
  • Handling, riding and braking exercises
  • Developing a safe feeling when leaning
  • Tips for routes with poor visibility
  • Training on the riding area
  • Training on a mountain pass road

Level: The hairpin bend training is aimed at drivers who are already experienced on normal roads.


Price: 289,- € per person
(3-4 participants)

Optionally bookable: BMW Trestride motorcycle from our fleet at a special price
Category 1: 145,- € (S 1000 R, S 1000 XR, R 1300 GS, R 1250 GSA, R 1250 R, R 12 nineT, R 18)
Category 2: 120,- € (F 900 R, F 900 XR, F 900 GS; F 900 GSA)
Category 3: 110,- € (G 310 R)
Bonus: Test our electric models CE 04 and CE 02 during training!

  • July 06, 2024

Individual group requests are possible at any time.


  • Hairpin bend training at the Safety Park Alto Adige
  • Curve training on the road
  • Lunch
  • Optionally bookable: BMW Test-ride motorcycle from our fleet at a special price
For 289,- €


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