New BMW motorbike fleet for Riding Experience Alto Adige

Just in time for the 2022 motorbike season, Riding Experience Alto Adige will receive a brand new BMW motorbike fleet from the Munich factories, which will make the hearts of all motorbike fans beat faster and turn the experiences in the multifaceted northern region of Italy into an even more impressive and unique event.

Since the beginning of 2021, Riding Experience Alto Adige has been offering various technical training courses and touring experiences for all motorbike enthusiasts (B2C) at the unique Safety Park Alto Adige driving centre. In addition, the brand's range of services is geared towards exclusive marketing of the driving centre for B2B motorbike events. Now they hope to meet the demand of the target groups even better with the new fleet in order to enable almost year-round riding operations with around 300 sunny days.

Through its partnership with BMW motorbikes, the Safety Park's fleet is expanded every year with brand new different model categories with full technical equipment. While there were 15 models in 2021, this year there are already 25 bikes in the inventory, ranging from sporty roadsters like the S 1000 R, to comfortable touring cruisers like the R 1250 RT, to various adventure models like the R 1250 GS Adventure. The portfolio is deliberately kept broad in order to guarantee motorbike fans the best possible adventure on the mountain ranges around Alto Adige. The focus of Riding Experience Alto Adige, however, is on enduro two-wheelers. The hero among the bikes, the R 1250 GS, shines in all categories and, thanks to integrated riding modes, not only enables dynamic top form on difficult grip conditions, but also optimal performance on wet and dry tracks.

In addition, in order to meet the high sustainability standards of the province of Alto Adige, the Riding Experience is planning to expand its fleet with the fully electric and futuristic CE 04 scooter, which has a range of 130km thanks to its urban mobility. "All in all, we now probably have the most exciting motorbike fleet in the whole of Alto Adige," says Managing Director Frank Fichtner, looking forward to his new bikes. Fichtner concludes that the goal of Riding Experience Alto Adige is to develop into the primary contact point for motorbike experiences of all kinds in Alto Adige in the medium term.

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